How to take a Windows 10 screenshot: The 7 best techniques

Windows - by superduper - December 13, 2022

Just switch to another program and get back to work; the newly opened program keeps right on launching in the background. For example, if you want to close firefox, type taskkill /im firefox.exe. Browse other questions tagged c++ windows-applications or ask your own question. On your Android phone, you are utilizing the T mobile app with the Easy mode turned on. Does your T mobile app crash and stop working from time to time? Here are a few of the potential reasons for this problem.

  • Launch the best scrolling screen capture application.
  • From the list, you can select the frozen application and click on “Force a process to quit”.
  • Selectors can appear anchored at the bottom or in line with the content .

Run your tape from the inside edge of the molding to the opposite inside edge of the molding. Many tend to ask the question “Do you measure windows from the inside or outside to get it right? ” Well, you shouldn’t bother about that, all you need is to ensure you get the accurate measurement from every inch of the fitting. Starting from the top left corner to the bottom-right edge, measure the window opening and then record your findings on paper.

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Premium wood shutters require a void of 1.5 inches, while composite shutters need 1.25 inches and Pine shutters 1 inch. For some manufacturers, sill angle is is an important factor, so we’ll measure that as well. With a level sitting on the stool, measure down to the sill right at the back of the stool and then again four inches away from the stool.

And you could realize that it was very easy to do it, in the same way, we are going to teach you what you should do when at one point a program gets stuck and we can’t find a way to close it. SuperF4 is a simple program that allows you force-kill any window, even if the window isin’t responding. Like the taskkill command that was discussed above, it would force the programs to stop immediately instead of asking them nicely. Therefore, it would not force-close a program that is really stuck, but you can give it a try if the application just had a minor hiccup. /f tells the command to force-close the particular program.


The higher the number, the less you’ll pay when the electricity bill comes around. A cheap window AC unit might save you money at first, but you may end up shelling out more in the long run. The US Energy Star program has a website that this site lets you browse AC units based on their CEER ratings.

The first command gives you a few more details about the testing, while the second command condenses the measurements down to the bare minimum of information. In our example, the overall performance of my old Alienware M14x gaming laptop, repurposed for business use, is limited by the slow hard drive read/write speeds rated at 5.9. This system will run through an extensive series of tests, which could take a few minutes, and then display some measurements, as shown in Figure B. Also, the exterior shutter must be the exact width or it might compromise the integrity of the shutters in order to function properly.